Meet the working Writer

Cecilia Qu'in

Content Producer - Student of Sociology

As a lifelong autodidact with an unwavering passion for storytelling, Cecilia is a firm believer in the spellbinding power of words. With over a decade of experience in content production and a true passion for psychology and sociology, she eventually found work producing web content and monthly publications for Two Trees PPC. Absolutely no stranger to the working world, she thoroughly enjoys the work that goes into producing quality content, and looks forward to introducing small business owners and independent contractors alike to the realistic necessities of modern day marketing.

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If there's one thing Cecilia loves more than anything, it's making time to collaborate with like-minded professionals.

Every new contract is a stepping stone; a true gift to her life as a working woman. And while she in no longer accepting writing contracts at this time, Ms. Qu'in is very glad to continue her work as Two Trees's primary content writer. Driven by a thirst to understand the human mind, she returned to school in Summer 2020 to finish her A.A. in Social Sciences. Always a passionate advocate for social justice and healthy living, Cecilia Qu'in is excited to continue exploring the complexities of digital marketing - while working to ensure the fair representation of working class communities.