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The Life of a Content Writer


   “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”  - Anais Nin  

In addition to all her creative work, Cecilia Qu'in specializes in remote Content Writing and Digital Marketing thanks to her contract with Sacramento-based marketing firm, Two Trees PPC. Always learning and ever-evolving, she began dabbling in Web Design thanks to a temporary assignment and never looked back. Though she still has much to learn about marketing and web programming, Ms. Qu'in is an avid autodidact and genuinely finds much joy in the work that goes into creating informative and engaging content for online publication.

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As we also continue to tread carefully into the new-normal, Cecilia has always been proud of one thing in particular: her natural drive as a working woman in this world. In her opinion, every new contract acts as a stepping stone; a true gift to her life as a working woman of color, and she hopes to continue expanding her horizons and serving her community with every new assignment.

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