Qu'in de la Noche

Featured photography by (1st) Philip Pavliger, (2nd/3rd) Richard Rendon, &  (4th) Dave Otsubo. 

Through the confidence she gained as a traveling entertainer, Ms. Qu'in continued to thrive in her day jobs and soon found herself sifting through more invitations to collaborate than she could keep up with.  Yet as much as she enjoyed the roar of a faceless audience at festivals, variety shows, and the Rocky Horror Picture Show, what she truly craved was the intimacy of human connection. 

Healing Through Authenticity

“There’s a difference between wanting to be

looked at and wanting to be seen.

When you are looked at,

your eyes can be closed.

You suck energy,

you steal the spotlight.

When you are seen,

your eyes must be open,

and you are seeing

and recognizing your witness.

You accept energy

and you generate energy.

You create light.

One is exhibitionism,

the other is connection.

Not everybody wants to be looked at. 

Everybody wants to be seen.”

- Amanda Palmer


Featured photography by Jason Courtney.

As the living temptress Qu'in de la Noche, there is nothing more fulfilling to this seasoned performer than the invitation to bring a collaborative vision to life. Every performance is a conjuring. An opportunity to connect with an artist's vision - whether that be to music or in a scripted scene - and the ability to connect with the camera directly... by actually taking a moment to look into the faces that make up an audience...

To hire a performing artist is to purchase a piece of their soul. A fragment made rich with years and years of training, on-site experience, and literal blood, sweat, and tears. But connection... true, and meaningful connection between human beings... is another matter entirely.


Qu'in de la Noche

"The Liberated Woman"

As a seasoned performer with almost a decade of experience in the limelight, Qu'in de la Noche was created as a celebration of The Liberated Woman. A natural queen creating content to seduce and inspire.


Earning immediate recognition in her hometown for their striking, sensual, and sometimes horrifying performance art, Ms. Qu'in visited dozens of cities across the Western United States, entertaining thousands every year as a traveling burlesque entertainer and art model. Where once she was kept from performing due to odd and ethnically ambiguous appearance and unusual skillset, here, in the underground, she was celebrated for it.