The name's Qu'in. Christa Qu'in.

Christa Qu'in is a multidisciplinary artist and published content creator from Sacramento, CA. Traditionally trained in martial arts since the age of eight, she moved on to compete in dozens of nationally acclaimed tournaments over the course of her 12 years in the art. After 18 years trapped in [redacted cult], she found freedom at the age of 20 and retired from martial arts to pursue her lifelong passions for psychology, theatre, and film production. 


Always an eager student, Qu’in volunteered for every stage position she could sink her teeth into before ever stepping foot in front of a camera. After years of assisting on film sets and fighting for diversity in the field, she finally found acceptance in the bay area’s underground theatre world, earning immediate recognition for her striking, sensual, and sometimes horrifying performance art. Often entertaining thousands of people every year, Qu’in eventually fell victim to a showgirl's worst nightmare, as the COVID-19 pandemic decimated the entertainment industry and subsequently forced her to place an indefinite hold on her performing career.

Now, with a rekindled love of writing and film production to guide her creative process, the villainess of the valley is back! Always grateful to her beloved fanbase for their continuous love and support, Christa Qu'in hopes to collaborate with as many like-minded professionals as possible while working to rebuild her client base as a top-tier working arts professional.

©2020 Christa Qu'in / Qu'in de la Noche

When covid-19 shut down the entertainment industry, most independent contractors were forced out of work; and many are still struggling to make ends meet without government aid. If you wish to pledge your support for Ms. Qu'in and her creative process, please subscribe to her Patreon.