“When given an opportunity, deliver excellence and never quit.” - Robert Rodriguez 

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Long-term aspirations from a seasoned production assistant, theatre major, and film enthusiast

Over the last decade, Cecilia Qu'in has worked almost every role available in live entertainment and independent film. From her early days as a stage tech to running around as a PA for commercial shoots and live events, Cecilia loves any opportunity to learn more about the filmmaking process and has volunteered or been paid to work each of the following positions: 

  • Script Supervisor

  • Video Editor

  • Stage Tech

  • 2nd Camera

  • Lighting

  • Director of Photography

  • Boom Operator

  • And, of course, Production Assistant


Always eager to please and passionate about video production, she genuinely loves the work that goes into setting up shots and editing video. Although circumstances of COVID-19 caused her to liquidate nearly all of her professional equipment, Ms. Qu'in is always keeping an eye out for updates in the industry and is currently working to keep her skills fresh through content production for her business on Patreon.

Looking for a new Production Assistant?

Gigs these days are few and far between. If you're looking for a new Production Assistant to help bring your vision to light, contact me directly to discuss rates and availability.