Painter and Graphic Artist

Before she ever once stepped foot into a dojo, Ms. Qu'in knew she loved to paint. Originally taught by her parents, who were both natural and classically trained graphic artists, she quickly excelled in abstract acrylics, watercolor, and photorealistic graphite portraits. She stopped painting for years as her schedule got busier and busier, but eventually found joy in the process again after finding seasonal employment as an art model for private studios across Lincoln and Davis, CA.


Deep down, Ms. Qu'in never really stopped being a painter; as she poured her knowledge of classical composition into her live characters and often used her talents to create gifts and commissions for the select few willing to invest in her talents. Now, thanks to the support of her fellow artists at Project 25, Qu'in has found a new reason to break out her brushes again. And looks forward to sharing the creative process with her Beloved Patrons.

"New Moon in Scorpio"

an original abstract by Ms. Qu'in.


*prints available by request*




©2020 Christa Qu'in / Qu'in de la Noche

When covid-19 shut down the entertainment industry, most independent contractors were forced out of work; and many are still struggling to make ends meet without government aid. If you wish to pledge your support for Ms. Qu'in and her creative process, please subscribe to her Patreon.