Ex-Martial Artist & Flow enthusiast

Inspired by her friends in the kink and burner community, Qu'in enjoys every opportunity to learn and perform fire and flow. As a seasoned performer and an ex-martial artist, it has been a genuinely healing and grounding experience to add these new art forms to her repertoire.

COVID-19 may have ceased most performance opportunities, but there is always room for the joys of fire and flow arts.

Fire & Flow Packages

2-Hour Private Fire & Flow Entertainment

50% Non-Refundable Deposit Required to Confirm Booking.

This service includes two 15-minute LED/Fire shows featuring Qu'in de la Noche and an incredible surprise guest performer! Your performers will arrive refreshed, in most of their first full costume with a full arrangement of props and fuel. We will require sufficient space to set up our fuel station/changing area, and respect from all guests in attendance. In addition to those services provided, your performers will also be available for photo-ops and (distanced) guest socialization for the rest of the evening.

+Tips/drink tickets/ travel/boarding costs.



Featured Guest Performance 

Non-Refundable Travel/Boarding Deposit Required to Confirm Booking. 

Available for show producers, booking agents, and venue owners only. As a Featured Guest Performer, this service includes one 3-7 minute fully costumed/choreographed LED or Fire Performance. Qu'in will require sufficient space to set up a fuel station/changing area, the assistance of a stage hand to act as fire safety, and respect from all guests in attendance.

+Tips/drink tickets/ travel/boarding costs.



Featured photography by (1st) Don Reid & (2nd) Dave Otsubo.

©2021 Cecilia Qu'in de la Noche

Featured background photography by Avery Matthew

When covid-19 shut down the entertainment industry, most independent contractors were forced out of work; and many are still struggling to make ends meet without government aid.


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