The name's Qu'in. Cecilia Qu'in.

Cecilia Qu'in is a multidisciplinary artist and published content creator from the heart of Sacramento. A woman with an unwavering passion for fine art, psychology, music, and film production, it is her personal mission to create content of quality while practicing the art of authenticity.


Recognized in cities across the western United States for her captivating stage presence, Ms. Qu'in is making the best of her time in isolation by looking inward. By redefining her brand as a working arts professional. Now, with a rekindled love of content writing and film production to guide her creative process, Ms. Qu'in hopes to collaborate with as many like-minded souls as possible. Working and sharing, living and learning; and all while openly advocating for anti-racism, accountability, and mental health awareness. 

Sounds good, doesn't it? I'm sure that's not what brought you to 

Cecilia's creative work began Iong before she finally had the guts to launch her Patreon business in May 2020. Specifically focusing on her love of fine art, writing, and film, Cecilia Qu'in is a force to be reckoned with. Working every day to seduce the mind in a manner that invokes healing, reflection, and personal liberation; all while inspiring others to do the same. 

“Understanding is a three edged sword:

your side, their side, and the truth.” - J. Michael Straczynski

A full biography cannot possibly be told in one sitting. That would require time, patience, and a certain level of scrutiny that the author would rather save for future chronicles. For now, we will simply take a stroll through the major plot points that transformed this former ingénue into the creative powerhouse you see before you.

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Cecilia Qu'in began her artistic journey at the age of three, when she loved nothing more than to paint pictures, dance naked, and listen to stories from far, far away. When she grew more accustomed to wearing clothes, she trained in ballet and taekwondo; eventually moving on to teach and compete in dozens of nationally-acclaimed tournaments over the course of her 12 year competitive martial arts career. Yet in all that time, Cecilia was also taught to live a double life; living and breathing under the rule of religious patriarchs in a cult that required her obedience. After 20 years of faithful devotion, she found freedom in the exploration of community theatre, and retired from martial arts to pursue her lifelong love of art and psychology.


Featured portrait by GRT Photography.

As a poor Afro-Latina, Ms. Qu'in did not have the same opportunities as most of her peers. Homeschooled since birth and self-taught since grade school, she was prohibited from receiving a formal education and did not know how to escape poverty without working multiple jobs in the interim. And as such, her twenties were focused on survival and exploration. After years of assisting on film sets and working in a variety of professional fields, Ms. Qu'in found acceptance in Northern California's underground theatre scene; earning immediate recognition across the region for her striking, sensual, and sometimes horrifying performance art. Often entertaining thousands every year as a traveling performer, she soon made friends in the performing arts community and never looked back.


.     .     .

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” - Maya Angelou

Although she was always happiest in art galleries and theatre venues, Cecilia eventually took a break from event production to focus on her heart's deepest and most personal of desires: the love of family. Always making efforts to show up for her allies, she fell in love, registered for school, and spent a combined ten years loving and raising other people's children while continuing to set aside a little time every month for what she would affectionately call "art therapy." After years of struggling with heartbreak, C-PSTD, and mild Schizophrenia, Cecilia gave it all up and ran into the arms of her one true love: ART. She found solace in music, movement, and storytelling - much like a hot meal in the hands of a beggar - making time to write, perform, and paint murals and portraits by commission as often as she could fit them into her schedule. These hobbies soon blossomed into actual side jobs that enabled her to live more comfortably. And it was just as she was beginning to make some real headway in that arena that Ms. Qu'in fell victim to a showgirl's worst nightmare.

She lost everything.


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When COVID-19 brought the world to its knees, Ms. Qu'in had never felt more heartbroken and simultaneously prepared in her life! The plague may have decimated the entertainment industry, forcing millions into indefinite quarantine... but Cecilia Qu'in was a survivor. She had already walked away from a lifetime of solitude and abuse in [redacted cult]. She survived betrayal, loss of love, and an attempt on her own life... only to walk away with open arms. As the world imploded around her, Mready to make the best of things by embracing isolation. She returning to her roots, hiring a new therapist, and spent every day practicing new rituals that would allow her to look inward.

Now, almost a year into the new-normal, the villainess of the valley is back. Having stripped herself of her former identity, she is slowly but surely falling in love with her new life as a single woman of color. With a rekindled love of content writing and film production to guide her creative process, Ms. Qu'in hopes to entertain and inspire others to find authentic ways of living and healing, while supporting and celebrating the artsWorking and sharing. Living and learning. And all while rebuilding her client-base as top-tier working arts professional

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