“There’s a difference between wanting to be looked at and wanting to be seen. When you are looked at, your eyes can be closed. You suck energy, you steal the spotlight. When you are seen, your eyes must be open, and you are seeing and recognizing your witness. You accept energy and you generate energy. You create light. One is exhibitionism, the other is connection.


Not everybody wants to be looked at. Everybody wants to be seen.” - Amanda Palmer

Acting Services:  Theatre & Film


At the core of everything that fuels her spirit, there is nothing more innately fulfilling to Ms. Qu'in than the ability to Act.  To set aside the ego. and allow oneself the freedom to sonder so deeply, we can see the world so effortlessly through the eyes of another. 

With a background in classical theatre and indie film production, Cecilia Qu'in quickly earned a reputation for being an unforgettable presence on the stage. Always a sucker for Shakespearean plays, she tore herself away from that passion to accept commercial roles for a variety of commercial ads ranging from small business owners to Comcast.


When the pandemic wreaked havoc her industry, Cecilia had to place her acting career on hold, but that did not stop her from finding ways to perform. Always passionate about her craft, she continues to audition for film work online and looks forward to interviewing for Shakespearean and musical theatre again when the pandemic has passed.


Featured photography by Sergei Bidun.

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