Featured art from various artists from Northern California.

The Art of Connection with

Qu'in de la Noche

"Professional Muse"

Qu'in de la Noche is not simply a model. She is a creature of communion. Equally in love with observing the artist-at-work as they are of capturing her in the moment. 

As Ms. Qu'in continued to make a business out of her performance persona, this led her to accept gigs in a wide variety of venues. And though she loved to travel, it was the art galleries that truly stole her heart away. In a matter of seconds, she could go from being seen... to watching as a sea of creative spirits unfurled before her eyes. There's something truly magical about posing and performing for another artist. And whether that soul happens to be a painter, filmmaker, photographer, or a live musician... there is nothing quite like it.

“Some days I am more wolf than woman, and I am still learning how to stop apologizing for my wild.” - Nikita Gill

Anyone can pose for pictures, but it takes a special creature to use and manipulate their body in such captivating ways. Having worked on both sides of the camera, Ms. Qu'in takes pride in her careful attention to detail. She is bold, ambitious, bendy, and a healthy balance of curvy that blends beautifully well with her mane of wild raven hair.


If you like what you see... you'll know what to do.