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The Life of an Actor

There are so many reasons why a person may be drawn to the art of acting. And for this ethnically ambiguous powerhouse, it all boils down to a deeply personal interest in psychology.

“Never allow yourself externally to portray anything that you have not inwardly experienced.” - Konstantin Stanislavski

Featured photography by Philip Pavliger

The name's Qu'in. Cecilia Qu'in.

At the core of everything that fuels her spirit, there is nothing more innately fulfilling to Ms. Qu'in than the ability to set aside the ego and surrender oneself to reincarnation. A term that Stanislavski used to describe the true transformation of self as an actor works to move, walk, think, feel, and respond as the character they were hired to portray. It is a skill that she learned from years of obsessing over Shakespeare and musical theatre, and it only became further engrained in her psyche after her lessons with Samuel Williams at the American River College Theatre - which, in turn, helped her to begin processing a lifetime of trauma accrued in the 18 years she spent devoted to [redacted cult].


Now living independently as a free woman, Ms. Qu'in is constantly in awe of the human experience and all the multi-faceted ways that can make and mold a person into who they are. It is these experiences that allow Cecilia Qu'in to such a huge proponent of mental health, and she hopes to continue using her carefully crafted talents just as soon as it is safe to do so in our post-pandemic world.

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