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Cecilia Qu'in is a multidisciplinary artist and published content creator from the heart of Sacramento. A woman with an unwavering passion for fine art, psychology, music, and film production, it is her personal mission to create content of quality while practicing the art of authenticity.


Recognized in cities across the western United States for her captivating stage presence, Ms. Qu'in is making the best of her time in isolation by looking inward. By redefining her brand as a working arts professional. Now, with a rekindled love of content writing and film production to guide her creative process, Ms. Qu'in hopes to collaborate with as many like-minded souls as possible. Working and sharing, living and learning; and all while openly advocating for anti-racism, accountability, and mental health awareness. 

Featured photography by Risa Knight.

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Like most working arts professionals, I have spent most of my career living a double life. Dedicating my life to one job by day while reserving my nights for those secret second and third careers. And though there was a time when I learned to enjoy that way of living, as a queer woman of color living in California... I am no longer interested in  being anything other than shamelessly myself.


It is possible to be a successful working professional and a performing artist.

It is possible to make a career out of both endeavors.

In an age where businesses everywhere claim to celebrate diversity and inclusion,

I now invite you to prove it.


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Featured photography by Gary Nyland.

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When covid-19 shut down the entertainment industry, most independent contractors were forced out of work; and many are still struggling to make ends meet without government aid.


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